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Established in June 2004, Hangzhou Jizhi Mechatronic Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of automatic balancing machines, and committed to becoming a professional enterprise with comprehensive application of balancing technology.


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Motor Dynamic Balancing Machine

1.Simple to use software with intuitive unbalance correction displays. 2.Ultra-high accuracy and repeatability. 3.Global supply and global support.

Motor Gear Shaft Straightening Machine

Jizhi Motor Gear Shaft Straightening Machine's operation and data transmission are processed by the Keyence PLC controller, and the operation is refined and the data setting is simplified.

Motor Rotor Balancing Machine with Drilling Correction

1.Simple to use software with intuitive unbalance correction displays. 2.Ultra-high accuracy and repeatability. 3.Global supply and global support.

Outer Rotor Balancing Machine

This product is a mechatronics device. It uses PLC as the main control machine to complete related calculations and control of the actions of each station, and uses a touch screen as a human-machine communication interface to set parameters and operate the machine.

Outer Rotor Fan Motor Balancer

Jizhi outer rotor fan motor balancer is suitable for dynamic balance correction of outer rotors with an outer diameter of 60mm or more, and compatible with dynamic balance correction of shaftless outer rotors.

Portable Dynamic Balancing Machine

This Auto Positioning Balancing Machine is suitable for the dynamic balance correction of various workpieces such as the rotor radius range: below 3.5 kg, stack thickness 10-70mm, rotor diameter Ф20-100mm.

Portable Rotor Balancing Machine

Portable Rotor Balancing Machine 1. Economy+Short lead time+ Easy use. 2. Can cover 95% armatures in the market.

Propeller Balancing Machine

Propeller Balancing Machine is a special equipment for correcting the imbalance of the drive shaft of the car, which can correct the imbalance of the single drive shaft. The positioning lock or release after the movement of the right support frame and the lifting and lowering of the safety frame lever are pneumatically controlled.

Pump Rotor Balancing Machine

Jizhi pump rotor balancing machine is especially suitable for the balance detection of medium-sized motor rotor, water pump rotor, centrifuge rotor, small and medium-sized blower rotor, small and medium-sized machine tool spindle rotor, medium-sized textile machine winding rotor, etc.

Rotor Balancing Machine

JZABM rotor balancing machines are suitable for dynamic balance correction of 3/5/7 series micromotor rotors with short stack height and high balance requirements. It is compatible with the dynamic balance correction of some brushless rotors with an outer diameter of less than 40mm.

Modern Design Rotor Balance Machine

We at Hangzhou JIZHI Mechatronic take great pride in providing the best rotor balance machine available. We help you achieve the best operational balance with our machines' unmatched precision and accuracy. To achieve precise results, our rotor balancing machines are there with cutting-edge features and modern technology. The machines have strong software, high-precision sensors, and user-friendly interfaces that make them simple to operate even for inexperienced workers. We also offer a shaft straightening machine.

With industry Standards

Our rotor balance machine consists of high-quality materials and is put through rigorous testing to ensure dependability and longevity. We design them to function in challenging industrial conditions. Our company provides thorough training programs to help you get the most out of your machine and our customer support team is always available to help you with any questions or problems you may have. We offer a wide variety of balancers, either as audit stations or combined with the manual. And also, automatic unbalance correction, to balance every type of rotor. Our rotor balance machine routinely surpasses the measurement accuracy and reproducibility standards. We set them by the industry process capability evaluation.

It Reduces Unbalance

The goal of our rotor balance machine is to significantly reduce unbalance so that it can operate correctly once it is installed. By minimizing imbalance, vibration becomes low and efficient. This boosts the bearing life. Rotors must also be in balance prior to full assembly because there may be limited access to the rotor during production and repair. A balancing device is what you use to find and count uneven masses on a rotor. After putting the rotor on its bearings, the machine rotates it. Soft-bearing machines are what you use to measure the displacement of the rotor and bearing ends. By monitoring both this displacement and the phase angle, the machine determines the unbalance that is present.

Rotor Dynamic Balancing Machine

Jizhi automatic dynamic balancing machine is mainly suitable for the dynamic balance correction of various types of micro wound rotors such as electric tools, small household appliances, and automobile starting motors; compatible with some brushless motor rotor dynamic balance corrections

High-Quality Dynamic Balancing Machine

Hangzhou JIZHI Mechatronic provides a soft bearing/hard bearing dynamic balancing machine to balance various types of rotors, including crankshafts, cylinders, gas compressors, flywheels, turbine rotors, LCD, and rotors of centrifugal pumps. These machines come in both vertical and horizontal versions with the proper rotating components for various tasks. And they have an entirely automatic operation cycle. Indicators for RPM and unbalanced are available digitally. The magnitude and angle of unbalance in both planes can be simultaneously what you see using different LEDs. Thanks to functions of dynamic balancing of rotor like auto stop, auto range, and self-check mode, the machines are capable of achieving high precision.

Top Demand Dynamic Balancing of Rotor

Development and production of rotors for precise equipment in consumer electronics, manufacturing, industrial items, and other industries demand our high-quality dynamic balancing machine. With this technology, vibration is avoided at rapid spinning rates. Our dynamic balancing machine provides the essential data for eliminating balance difficulties and creating correctly balanced rotors. In order to lessen vibrations and increase the effectiveness and lifetime of machinery, dynamic balancing of rotor involves the correction of imbalances in the distribution of mass in a spinning item, such as a shaft or wheel. For high-speed machinery, dynamic balancing of rotor is crucial because it can reduce noise, prevent failure, and enhance overall performance. We also provide an impeller balancing machine.

Applications You Must Know

Here are a few applications:
  • Electric motor armatures: Because a dynamic balancing machine ensures silent, effective operation, reduces vibration and noise, and lengthens the motor's lifespan, it is crucial for the production of high-quality electric motors.
  • Fan and Blower balance: It correctly assures silent operation, reduces vibration and noise, and improves performance and energy efficiency.
  • Pump impellers: Pump impeller balance of dynamic balancing of rotor can minimize excessive wear, reduce vibration and noise, and increase pump performance.

Rotor Hard Bearing Balancing Machine

1.Simple to use software with intuitive unbalance correction displays. 2.Ultra-high accuracy and repeatability. 3.Global supply and global support.
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