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Established in June 2004, Hangzhou Jizhi Mechatronic Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of automatic balancing machines, and committed to becoming a professional enterprise with comprehensive application of balancing technology.


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Balancing Machine for EV Motor

The hardware filter circuit is used to reduce the interference of external vibration and other interference, and can achieve high-precision measurement.

Finest Precision Balancing Machine for EV Motor

Jizhi has successfully carried out national, provincial, and municipal scientific research projects after being recognized as a national high-tech firm. We are a group of passionate business professionals that make the top-quality balancing machine for EV motor. You can use our balancing machine for EV motor to balance rotating workpieces such as rotors, impellers, crankshafts, rollers, and shafts of different kinds of small and medium-sized motors. The ring belt drive ensures the balance, accuracy, and quality of the workpiece. It offers advantages such as simple loading and unloading, rapid startup, and excellent work efficiency.

Recent Technology Balancing Machine for EV Motor

A balancing machine for EV motor is a tool that you use to detect and address imbalances in rotating machinery, including the motors of electric vehicles (EV)s. The machine uses sensors to locate and gauge imbalances before using a corrective mechanism, like weights or drilling, to balance the rotating assembly. This lessens vibrations, increases the motor's lifespan, and boosts its effectiveness. The machine principally consists of high-precision mechanical and advanced electrical components and is a hard support balancing device. Our company put in all its efforts to, develop, and manufacture in accordance with the most recent technology. We have technology that is accessible both locally and internationally. It is now the most advanced model in existence.

Characteristics You Must Learn

The dynamic and static balance, up to 10 support modes, and easy configuration for rotation in both the forward and backward directions as well as weight addition and removal are all features of the balancing machine for EV motor, which also incorporates an innovative electrical measurement system. High measurement accuracy, a wide range of calibration coefficient combinations, and automatic system sensitivity adjustments. There are no sudden switches in gear. It has dual software- and hardware filtering.

Electric Motor Balancing Machines

The software embedded in Jizhi electric motor balancing machines can open a large number of parameters, and the debugging of new varieties can be completed by the user without additional cost.

Electric Vehicle Motor Automatic Balancing Machines

1.It can be connected with the manipulator for automatic loading and unloading, simple operation;

Electrical Vehicle Horizontal Balancing Machine

Electrical vehicle horizontal balancing machine is a mechatronics device used to measure the dynamic balance of the rotor of a new energy motor. It uses a PLC as the main control machine to complete test-related calculations and rotor phase control.

Motor Rotor Balancing Machine with Drilling Correction

1.Simple to use software with intuitive unbalance correction displays. 2.Ultra-high accuracy and repeatability. 3.Global supply and global support.
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