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Established in June 2004, Hangzhou Jizhi Mechatronic Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of automatic balancing machines, and committed to becoming a professional enterprise with comprehensive application of balancing technology.


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Belt Drive Balancing Machine

Belt drive balancing machine is a special equipment for correcting the imbalance of the drive shaft of the car, which can correct the imbalance of the two drive shafts at the same time.

Premium Quality Belt Drive Balancing Machine

With an emphasis on the design, manufacture, and sale of automatic balancing machines, Hangzhou Jizhi Mechatronic Co., Ltd. is dedicated to it. We develop into a reputable company with a thorough application of balancing technology. Our flex-proof seamless connection method results in a belt free of thickening and hardness in our drive belts for balancing machines. This reduces noise levels and enhances the belt's operating properties. We also offer you the best-selling balancing machine for EV motors.

Ideal Belt Drive Balancing Machine for You

The rotor of a belt drive balancing machine is turned by a belt. The advantage of the belt drive is that it delivers more precise balancing results than an end drive with a universal shaft connection due to the thin, relatively weightless belt's little inaccuracy. A belt drive system is ideal for rotors with enough room for a belt mount, moderate traction requirements, and higher precision criteria. A Precibalance belt drive balancing machine comes complete with a remote angle electronic protractor capability. This makes calculating the imbalance angle straightforward. The quick-release tensioner and the belt drive arrangement make it quick and easy to install the belts on the rotor. It is straightforward to set up the RPM sensor for imbalance measurement because it is a non-contact optical sensor.

Properties of Our Machine

  • You can use our belt drive balancing machine to balance rotors when high accuracy is required and parasitic errors and influences generated by the drive cannot be tolerated.
  • The need to produce adaptors is no longer necessary.
  • Belt-driven machines often handle applications such as printing rolls, cylindrical rotors, armatures, motor rotors, blower impellers, etc.
  • These machines also speed up loading and unloading.
  • We offer a dynamic belt drive balancing machine to meet any unique requirements of Customers.
  • We offer quick sales and post-sale support for our equipment.

Belt Drive Balancing Machines

Belt Drive Balancing Machines Type B machine has two supporting frames. The weight range of the tested transmission shaft is large. The fixing of the right support frame is locked or released by the pneumatic mechanism, which is easy to operate

Drive Shaft Balancing Machines

Drive Shaft Balancing Machines 1.Simple to use software with intuitive unbalance correction displays. 2.Ultra-high accuracy and repeatability. 3.Global supply and global support.

Propeller Balancing Machine

Propeller Balancing Machine is a special equipment for correcting the imbalance of the drive shaft of the car, which can correct the imbalance of the single drive shaft. The positioning lock or release after the movement of the right support frame and the lifting and lowering of the safety frame lever are pneumatically controlled.

Transmission Shaft Balancing Machine

Transmission Shaft Balancing Machine The special equipment for correcting the imbalance of the automobile transmission shaft has advanced technology, high efficiency, simple operation, intuitive display, rapid measurement and good stability.
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