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Established in June 2004, Hangzhou Jizhi Mechatronic Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of automatic balancing machines, and committed to becoming a professional enterprise with comprehensive application of balancing technology.

If there is a problem during the use of the motor balancing machine, it will not only affect the normal use of the balancing machine, but also affect its measurement results, resulting in inaccurate measurement, and hindering the normal use of the product. In order to ensure that the balancing machine can operate accurately, we will do a good job in the daily maintenance of the balancing machine, and do a good job in the maintenance of the balancing machine to make the use of the balancing machine more smooth. The motor balancing machine is a sophisticated testing equipment, and a dedicated person must be responsible for storage and operation. In normal use, the balancer should be kept clean, the guide rail surface should be kept clean, and oil should be frequently applied to prevent rust. The surface of the support block or the roller should be kept clean, and no iron filings, dust and debris should be adhered. The support block or the roller and the rotor journal should be wiped clean before each work, and a little lubricating oil should be added. When moving the support frame, the rotor should be rotated at the same time or the left and right support frames should be moved at the same speed at the same time, so as to avoid scratches and wear on the shaft journal and roller surface. It is not allowed to put the rotor on the roller frame for knocking or impact.
The electric measuring box is a key part of the balancing machine. It must be protected from vibration and moisture and should be kept properly. Turn off the switch of the electrical test box after the work is completed. If it is not used for a long period of time, it should be regularly energized to warm up for several hours. All knobs and switches on the panel of the electrical measuring box shall not be moved at will, so as not to damage the components and cause measurement errors. The lens glass of the photoelectric head should always be wiped with lens cleaning paper or lens cloth to clean the outer surface of the lens to keep it clean. Do not wipe the lens surface with greasy yarn or dirty cloth. In terms of dynamic balance testing and correction technology, Jizhi has established a technical team led by professors from Zhejiang University, has mastered relevant core technologies, and has obtained nearly 100 intellectual property rights such as national patents and software copyrights. The main product, fully automatic balance correction machine, has been widely used in household appliances, power tools and auto parts.
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