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Established in June 2004, Hangzhou Jizhi Mechatronic Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of automatic balancing machines, and committed to becoming a professional enterprise with comprehensive application of balancing technology.



Advantages Of Customized Machines

Special machine for special using, and customized equipment that meets the needs of customers’ use scenarios.

The advantages of special machines are as following:

1. The short lead time of the special customized machine can reach 4 seconds, the cycle time of the test machine can reach 2.5 seconds, and the first pass rate of high-precision automatic machine products can reach 99.5%

2. Wide range of applicable products, automatic measurement, automatic correction, automatic loading and unloading, remote maintenance

3. High precision: the balance precision of the equipment can reach 0.1•mm/kg


4. Software copyright patent, easy to upgrade, automatic analysis, automatic compensation function

5. The service life is more than 10 years, the use environment is low, the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification standard is strictly implemented, and the supplier management system is strictly implemented

6. The self-developed vibration sensor is superior to the same level in foreign countries. The mechanical structure is reasonable, the mechanical rigidity is good, the key mechanical parts have patents, the safety protection level is high, the degree of automation is high, and it can be fully automated and customized.

Jizhi Abm Model Selection Procedure

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Industrial hemp raw materials, the following raw material content can be customized, welcome to consult our company at any time.  

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