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Established in June 2004, Hangzhou Jizhi Mechatronic Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of automatic balancing machines, and committed to becoming a professional enterprise with comprehensive application of balancing technology.

The high-speed dynamic balancing machine is an important part of reducing the vibration level of large steam turbine units. In order to improve the balance accuracy and reduce the power consumption during the balancing process, issues such as balancing requirements and balancing methods have been discussed based on years of practice. Researchers have successfully developed a high-speed dynamic balancing machine for steam turbines in response to the unbalanced and bow-shaped bending problems of the large steam turbine rotor.

With the development of science and technology, rotating machinery is becoming larger and faster. The working speed of large-scale turbo-generator sets and high-speed turbines are mostly close to or exceed the critical speed of their rotors, so that the rotors present the characteristics of flexible rotors. This type of rotor must undergo high-speed balancing before leaving the factory, and high-speed dynamic balancing technology and equipment are the key and core equipment for high-speed mechanical balancing. It can provide technical guarantee for the stable, reliable and safe operation of high-speed rotating machinery. Modern high-speed balancing technology equipment sand and machinery, hydraulics, electronics, sensors, computers, and many other technologies. It is a high-end product of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Shanghai Hengwang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and belongs to Hangzhou Jizhi Mechatronic Co., Ltd. (stock code 300553). The company has absorbed all the core personnel of technology, production, sales and after-sales of Shanghai SchenckTesting Machine Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Schenck Testing Machine Co., Ltd.). The company’s main products include general balancing machines, special balancing machines, automatic balancing machines and high-speed dynamic balancing machines, etc., which are used in machinery and electronics industries, metallurgy, papermaking at home and abroad, especially in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, aerospace, fans, motors, light industry and textiles. , Nuclear power plants and other national key development industries, colleges and universities and research institutes provide sophisticated equipment, technology, maintenance and other services.

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